There are two ways of looking at

                                The origins of the Universe according to

                                The Big Bang theory: either as

                                An extrapolation from Judaic monotheism or as

                                An extrapolation from the superconscious in deference

                                To contemporary transcendental requirement,

                                So that its origins are conceived

                                As being of nobler provenance

                                Than perhaps they actually were.

                                In the first instance, we have

                                A Judaic abstraction; in the second ...

                                An example of pseudo-scientific subjectivity.

                                A Big Bang, just imagine it!

                                A divine oneness to begin with!

                                But we ought to know by now

                                That evil is never solitary,

                                Always acts in competition with others,

                                Against others, whether on the stellar level

                                Of absolute evil, or on the organic level

                                Of relative evil - an evil, in other words,

                                Between disparate life forms,

                                Or between two or more racial variations on

                                The same life form, as in the case of man.

                                Absolute evil reacts in the guise of stars,

                                Which diverge from one another.

                                Why should they have begun in unity

                                And duly become many?

                                If the emergence in the void

                                Of inflammable gases was possible,

                                Why should it only have been so

                                In one part of the void?

                                What was there to prevent simultaneous or successive

                                Emergences of star embryos?

                                And if they subsequently grew into flaming stars,

                                What was there to prevent the birth of smaller stars

                                From the reactive frictions and clashes of

                                The larger primal ones - some of which

                                Would eventually cool and harden into planets,

                                To bring about the rudiments of

                                A galactic order, and so halt

                                The everywhichway divergence of anarchic stars?

                                We know that polytheism preceded monotheism,

                                Since the Jews were once pagan.

                                They thought-up the idea of

                                A monotheistic Creator, from which

                                All the other stars 'fell',

                                In a 'fallen-angel' revolt against

                                The 'heavenly unity' of the primary star.

                                No doubt, most small stars

                                Did emerge from a larger source,

                                But not necessarily from only one larger source!

                                And today, when the Big Bang theory

                                Is so fashionable, we are induced to believe,

                                Compliments of pseudo-scientific subjectivity,

                                That the galactic universe is expanding (!)

                                Away from a central void

                                Which is assumed to be its place of origin,

                                Much as though an explosion

                                Once took place there

                                And the consequence, many millennia later,

                                Is an expanding universe of fully-formed galaxies,

                                Replete, we may suppose, with

                                Advanced life on certain planets!

                                Ah, how very neat from a mystical viewpoint,

                                But (quite apart from the fact that galaxies

                                Are never born fully-formed), somewhat baffling

                                From a rational or factual one!

                                For what is there about a central void

                                That should induce galaxies to tend away from it?

                                And why should such a divergence

                                Be regarded as an expansion?

                                And how do millions of galaxies

                                All diverge in the same way from a central source?

                                Ah, we should not be so churlish!

                                They no longer react against one another,

                                As stars used to do in the bad old days

                                Of Newtonian objectivity; on the contrary,

                                They expand mystically outward

                                Towards some as-yet-unglimpsed horizon

                                Which - though space is supposed to be curved -

                                They will never reach,

                                Since that would halt their expansion,

                                And an expanding universe

                                Cannot suddenly cease to expand.

                                Our sun, too, is apparently expanding outwards,

                                And must continue to expand until ... bah!

                                You know my views by now, and I won't conceive of

                                The diabolic universe in divine terms,

                                Lest I end-up regarding

                                The divine one diabolically,

                                Or altogether overlook

                                The existence and possibility of a divine universe!

                                Regarding the diabolic as though it were divine

                                Is a poor substitute for a truly divine orientation,

                                And indicates an inability or unwillingness

                                To abandon evil for the realm of grace.

                                Those of us capable of a higher allegiance

                                Should never confound

                                That which contracts and diverges

                                With that which expands and converges.

                                We shall reserve the former tendencies

                                For the flaming stars

                                And the latter ones for pure spirit.

                                And we shall know that it is the destiny of

                                The expanding/converging universe to tend towards

                                The divine unity of Point Omega.