Just as one can distinguish between

                                      The supernatural and the supra-natural,

                                      As between two kinds or degrees

                                      Of theocratic indulgence, viz. a bodily and a mental,

                                      An apparent and an essential,

                                      So one should distinguish between

                                      Supermen and the Supra-men

                                      Of the coming Centrist civilization,

                                      The former disposed to hallucinogenic enlightenment,

                                      The latter ... to transcendental meditation;

                                      The one preceding the other. 

                                      Then, with regard to a similar apparent/essential division

                                      In the succeeding millennium, one should

                                      Also distinguish between Superbeings and the Supra-beings,

                                      As between hypertripping brain-collectivizations

                                      Artificially supported and sustained on the one hand,

                                      And ... hypermeditating new-brain collectivizations

                                      No-less artificially supported and sustained

                                      On the other hand, a distinction which

                                      Would confirm the evolution of millennial life

                                      Towards the ultrabeingful spiritual transcendences

                                      Of the heavenly Beyond.

                                      Whereas post-humanist life is connected with man,

                                      Post-human life completely transcends him

                                      In the free-electron life forms

                                      Of Superbeings and Supra-beings respectively.