They fight for a hard-line People's Republic,

                                But it isn't from the Marxist illusion

                                That the truth can emerge, since Communism,

                                Whether national or international,

                                Prohibits 'God building'

                                And won't hear of a theocratic way.

                                As the furthest reach of democracy,

                                The pseudo-democracy of a totalitarian exclusivity,

                                Communism signifies the materialist decadence of

                                A state absolutism, albeit a pseudo-state.

                                It will dismantle the 'bourgeois' state

                                In the name of the proletariat

                                And, if possible, destroy the Church,

                                Though not to put a successor in its place

                                (Since it regards religion as a closed issue,

                                Never to be resurrected

                                On different or superior terms).

                                There is only the people's state,

                                And in such a state only the spurious gods

                                Of Marx and Lenin count for anything -

                                A pseudo-theocracy dovetailed into

                                The autocratic essence of Communism.

                                Ah, they fight for a People's Republic,

                                Oblivious of the fact that such a republic,

                                Once established, would be a betrayal of

                                The true Irish people, with their theocratic bias,

                                Their Catholic opposition to Protestant mores.

                                If Catholicism were to survive in

                                A People's Republic of Ireland, it would be

                                An illogicality, Catholicism and Communism

                                Being ideologically incompatible.

                                If truly Communist, they would have no option but

                                To root it out in the name of the People,

                                So that only democratic materialism remained.

                                This would not be a popular move with

                                A majority of the Irish people, who more identify

                                With the Church than the State.

                                They would not like a materialist vacuum,

                                A state absolutism.

                                Only the decadent, the lowest elements,

                                The enemies of the true Irish people,

                                Would be content with that!

                                They would relish the triumph of Antichrist.

                                Not I, however!  But then, in all honesty,

                                I don't see a so-called People's Republic

                                Ever coming about in Ireland, since

                                The majority of Irishmen would never tolerate

                                The undermining of their religious bias,

                                Their bias for theocracy, but would resolutely oppose

                                Any move in that materialist direction.

                                What, us, sell-out to Protestants,

                                Socialists, Communists?  Never!

                                Better an old, moth-eaten theocracy than

                                A newfangled democratic absolutism!

                                Ah, I can just hear them!  And talk of

                                A hard-line People's Republic with Catholicism -

                                What's that if not nonsense,

                                A veritable contradiction in terms?

                                We have had enough nonsense, in the past,

                                Not to want any more of it in the present!

                                We will stick to the existing soft-line republic

                                Which, in its liberal pluralism, at least

                                Allows us to stick to our religious bias.

                                In fact, the Church is stronger than the State in

                                The way it influences our lives.

                                This is, after all, the way we like it.

                                And you?  Well, what can I tell them?

                                Those others fight in vain for a People's Republic.

                                Maybe one day I shall fight - democratically - for

                                The dismantling of republicanism in

                                The interests of an extension and expansion

                                Of theocracy towards the absolutist level of

                                A Social Transcendental Centre.

                                I would encourage the true Irish people

                                To vote-out democracy and vote-in

                                The highest theocracy, to extend their interests to

                                The level of the ultimate theocratic allegiance -

                                That of the Holy Spirit.  I shall know that

                                Those who have remained loyal

                                To the true Christian Church will favour

                                The development of transcendentalism,

                                Not Marxist fundamentalism,

                                Such as would seem to have been derived from

                                That other - and false - Church.

                                The true Irish people are a majority in the Republic,

                                And a majority of that majority

                                Will favour Centrist salvation to Communist damnation,

                                Thus confirming their theocratic bias.

                                The Centre would take over from the Catholic Church

                                And arrogate state responsibility to itself,

                                In accordance with the absolutist requirements of

                                A free-electron stage of evolution.

                                The Centre is the only means to

                                The final end of the State, to the overcoming

                                Of state/church relativity.

                                We true Irishmen of good faith should view

                                The existing state as the means to a higher end

                                And, instead of foolishly deriding it, utilize it

                                For our higher purposes.

                                The Church won't step down of its own accord,

                                Nor should it!  We need the Church,

                                Just as we need the existing state.

                                And one day the miraculous may come to pass:

                                The Tonean tricolour will be lowered

                                And the Y-like emblem of what is potentially,

                                If not at this point in time actually, the

                                True world religion of Social Transcendentalism

                                Be raised to take its bankrupt place.

                                The liberal state will have served its purpose,

                                And the Irish Social Transcendental Centre be born!