What began in the fire

                                            Must conclude with the light.

                                            What arose in the daytime

                                            Must decline with the night.


                                            The advent of man

                                            Had its roots in the apes,

                                            Who preceded the pagans

                                            As a vine precedes grapes.


                                            Yet man isn't static

                                            But proceeds to evolve,

                                            And from pagan to Christian

                                            Shows greater resolve.


                                            Now the Christian has passed

                                            The transcendent has begun,

                                            And man stands a stage closer

                                            To the Nietzschean superman.


                                            The Superman is post-human

                                            And towards him man will tend.

                                            But his future successor

                                            Is by no means the end.


                                            For from there to the Superbeing

                                            Is the stage on the threshold

                                            Of eventual transcendence

                                            And escape from the flesh-hold.


                                            Then globes of pure spirit

                                            Will expand into space,

                                            Leaving planets behind them

                                            With never a trace.


                                            And expansion will lead

                                            To the merging of separateness.

                                            Where once they were many,

                                            They will end-up in oneness.