The Creator is a fairly neutral term

                                      That can be bent in either

                                      A scientific or a theological direction,

                                      With regard to the First Cause or Jehovah.

                                      It seems to hang between these two extremes,

                                      Though with a bias towards the latter,

                                      As when it is employed theologically,

                                      As though synonymous with an old, grey-bearded figure

                                      Who rules over the Cosmos.

                                      Personally, I don't believe in any such Creator-God,

                                      And few but the very backward or simpleminded

                                      Have any use, these days, for the concept

                                      Of a Creator-God, preferring not to think

                                      Anthropomorphically or metaphorically about

                                      The origins and/or originator of the Universe,

                                      Or a particular part of it, like the Galaxy.

                                      If Jehovah is an abstraction

                                      From some primal root-creative force,

                                      As I have little doubt He is, then

                                      What really exists out there, in the starry cosmos,

                                      Isn't Jehovah but the First Cause,

                                      And what can that be if not

                                      The central star of each galaxy?

                                      Yes, there is a big, powerful, ruling star

                                      At the heart of the Galaxy,

                                      A god-king or tree-trunk equivalent,

                                      And that is the source, knowingly or unknowingly,

                                      From which the theological metaphor

                                      Of the Creator, the Ancient of Days, the Maker,

                                      The Almighty, etc., was extrapolated,

                                      Just as the Fallen Angel closest to us,

                                      Namely the Sun, is the source

                                      From which Satan was extrapolated,

                                      Theology being entitled to regard him

                                      As the source of all evil in the world

                                      By dint of the closer proximity, cosmically speaking,

                                      Of the Sun to it, a proximity

                                      That leaves the central star of the Galaxy

                                      Comparatively free-of-blame

                                      And therefore entitled, in theological logic,

                                      To preferential interpretation and greater respect,

                                      Just as monarchs, no matter how evil or incompetent,

                                      Have always been accorded a higher status,

                                      And therefore greater respect, than nobles,

                                      Particularly barons - the rank of nobleman

                                      Most closely approximating to the Sun

                                      And thus, by theological implication, to the Devil.

                                      For the Sun is a very minor star

                                      On the edge of the Galaxy,

                                      And a baron is a very minor aristocrat,

                                      A mere thin-branch equivalent

                                      In that mirror of the galactic order

                                      And blueprint for the feudal order - a tree.