Myself, if I were the leader of

                                      A Social Transcendental Centre,

                                      That radically-theocratic

                                      And free-electron ideological entity,

                                      I would prefer to travel about by 'chopper'

                                      Or motorbike than by car.

                                      Imagine a convoy of black limousines

                                      Heading from the leader's headquarters

                                      To wherever he wants/has to go.

                                      Isn't there something bourgeois

                                      And starkly middle-of-the-road about

                                      Such a mode of transportation, better suited

                                      To democratic prime ministers and presidents

                                      Than to theocratic leaders?

                                      Why should he be driven about like a bourgeois,

                                      As though partial to expensive cars,

                                      When he would be more in his ideological element

                                      With a motorbike, even if in a sidecar?

                                      Wouldn't he be partial to zipper jackets,

                                      Since beyond the use of button-up coats,

                                      And wouldn't they prove more relevant

                                      To motorbikes than to cars?

                                      Yes, I dare say they would, since connoting,

                                      Like bikes, with a transcendental bias,

                                      Symptomatic of a theocratic extremism.

                                      So for short trips from, say,

                                      One part of town to another,

                                      A convoy of motorbikes,

                                      Their riders clad in black,

                                      A kind of elite bodyguard - booted, helmeted, armed,

                                      The leader somewhere in the middle of the convoy,

                                      Well-protected at all times.

                                      And for long trips, a 'chopper',

                                      Well-protected in the air and monitored

                                      From the ground - fast and transcendental.