Even if more advanced civilizations

                                      Than the Earth's had attained to transcendence

                                      And thereby established

                                      Spiritual Globes in the Universe,

                                      Those globes of pure spirit wouldn't be God,

                                      Any more than planets are the Devil,

                                      But only what precedes God.


                                      Even if every civilization but man's

                                      Had attained to transcendence,

                                      The resulting globes of pure spirit

                                      In the Universe still wouldn't be God,

                                      Irrespective of whether they had all merged

                                      Into one another and formed an indivisible whole.

                                      The absence of man's contribution

                                      And its eventual expansion

                                      Towards the larger globe of pure spirit

                                      Would preclude the formation

                                      Of Ultimate Oneness, which is the Omega Absolute,

                                      In complete contrast

                                      To the separate, manifold nature

                                      Of the Alpha Absolute(s), or stars.


                                      Only with the eventual establishment

                                      Of the Omega Absolute would God

                                      Actually exist as Ultimate Oneness,

                                      Whereas, in the meantime, He would be

                                      In the process of formation,

                                      Like a foetus in the womb,

                                      Struggling to be born.


                                      Just as one should never confound planets

                                      With the Alpha Absolute(s),

                                      So one should never imagine

                                      That God is established, following transcendence.

                                      The Spiritual Globes which emerge

                                      From superbeings, in various parts of the Universe,

                                      Would be but the final stage

                                      On the road to Ultimate Oneness,

                                      Expanding towards one another in response

                                      To the mutual attraction of Being.