You don't get to a free-electron society

                                      Without splitting the atom,

                                      And if the world is to be brought

                                      Closer to a post-atomic status,

                                      Then the atom will have to be split,

                                      Since nuclear fission

                                      Is conducive to such a status

                                      And can only be appropriate to an age

                                      In which the societal atom has to be split,

                                      An age transitional between atomic relativity

                                      And electron absolutism.

                                      A world in which the societal atom

                                      Had been split would be very different

                                      From the one currently in existence.

                                      It would be a much more interiorized world,

                                      In which artificial criteria

                                      Considerably preponderated over natural criteria.

                                      For you don't get to the Supernatural

                                      By being dependent on nature!

                                      Willy-nilly, life will have to go forwards,

                                      Irrespective of whatever

                                      Reactionary naturalists and atomists now think.

                                      Man will increasingly live off his own oxygen,

                                      Food, drink, synthetic resources,

                                      And thus become Superman,

                                      Independent of nature - Supernatural!