The more I look at and think about trees,

                                      The more disgusted I become!

                                      Trees may appear beautiful and noble to some people,

                                      Mostly country-dwellers,

                                      But to me they are ugly and ignoble

                                      Because indicative of tyranny and exploitation,

                                      The leaves so many slaves of the trunk and branches

                                      Of the tree-proper, feeding it

                                      With energy from the sun and moisture from the air,

                                      Leaves sucked dry by the rapacious tree.

                                      No, I don't like trees, for I see in them

                                      The prototype of the feudal-world-order

                                      Of peasants exploited by aristocrats,

                                      Whether high- or low-ranking,

                                      And the Few accordingly thriving

                                      At the Many's expense

                                      In a thoroughly diabolical, subnatural system -

                                      One sanctioned not only by trees but,

                                      Originally and primarily, by the stellar roots

                                      Of evolution in the Cosmos.

                                      What were the peasantry

                                      In relation to their aristocratic lords -

                                      Good, bad, less bad?

                                      Probably 'less bad' is

                                      The most objective description

                                      Of a class implicated in a pagan absolutism

                                      And corresponding, in their subjection,

                                      To planets and leaves.

                                      One might say demons as opposed to devils,

                                      And to anyone who looks at a tree objectively,

                                      Rather than through the distorting lens

                                      Of a feudal sympathy, leaves must appear demonic

                                      And branches positively devilish.

                                      As to the trunk, 'divine' could only

                                      Be applied to it in the very relative,

                                      Spiritually fundamentalist sense of Creator,

                                      As when one distinguishes Jehovah from Satan

                                      Or king from peers.

                                      So anyone with the least shred

                                      Of spiritual subjectivity would have no option

                                      But to perceive in it

                                      The theocratic autocracy

                                      That gets the lion's share of the booty,

                                      Since bigger and stronger than everything else.