The leaders aren't themselves led

                                      But supervise the evolutionary progress

                                      Of the People.  They don't live

                                      Like the People, but in their own separate

                                      And rather conservative worlds.

                                      They understand evolution

                                      But don't actively participate in it,

                                      Since directors rather than directed.


                                      They don't personally enter the 'promised land',

                                      For such is not their fate.

                                      They make personal sacrifices

                                      On behalf of the People,

                                      Standing aside while the latter move ahead.

                                      Their main task is to ensure that the People

                                      Are set on course for the transcendental Beyond,

                                      Never to deviate from it.


                                      They aren't of the People

                                      And therefore they're not with the People.

                                      They must always remain separate,

                                      Opposed to whatever regressive tendencies

                                      The People may display.

                                      They are the guardians of evolutionary progress,

                                      Who serve the People's best interests.

                                      They lead the People towards salvation

                                      But can never be saved themselves.