Brotherly love is the ideal

                                            Of the atomic-wavicle Church,

                                            A positive emotionality diffused

                                            Throughout Christian humanity

                                            And thereby rendered impersonal.

                                            Love for another person

                                            In a non-diffused positive emotionality

                                            Is, by contrast, the reality

                                            Of the neutron-wavicle Church,

                                            An impure love of the sexes,

                                            Possessive and selective,

                                            Attractive and reactive.

                                            Free love, however, is the reality

                                            Of the neutron-particle State,

                                            And it signifies a 'fall' from

                                            The non-diffused emotional love for another person

                                            Of the neutron-wavicle Church

                                            To the diffused bodily love

                                            Of sexual promiscuity

                                            In a love of other selves which, at the level

                                            Of the electron-particle State, becomes

                                            A non-diffused love of phenomenal self.

                                            Spiritual love is, by contrast,

                                            The ideal of the electron-wavicle Centre,

                                            A love of noumenal self

                                            That yet transcends the individual

                                            In the collective consciousness of pure mind.

                                            If love for another

                                            Is the neutron-wavicle relativity,

                                            Then love of noumenal self

                                            Is the electron-wavicle absolutism,

                                            With the neutron-particle relativity

                                            Of free-loving phenomenalism

                                            And the electron-particle absolutism

                                            Of love of phenomenal self coming in-between.