The People are often hardworking,

                                      But sometimes lazy,

                                      Often spiritual but sometimes sensual.

                                      They are the crude clay from which

                                      The highest humanity can be formed,

                                      The crucible in which

                                      A new human type can be forged,

                                      Superior to anything that preceded it.


                                      They often live in the city

                                      But sometimes in the country,

                                      Are often artificial but sometimes natural.

                                      They are more paradoxical

                                      Than might at first appear,

                                      For they show an aptitude for the artificial

                                      Without desiring to suppress

                                      What naturalness they possess.


                                      They often bless but sometimes curse,

                                      Often praise but sometimes swear.

                                      Their choice of language

                                      Is offensive to cultivated ears,

                                      Since it betrays a contempt for sex

                                      Which, in living closer to nature,

                                      The older classes tend to reject.


                                      They often live close together

                                      But sometimes far apart,

                                      Are often quiet but sometimes noisy.

                                      They signify a closer approximation

                                      To the Ultimate Oneness of God

                                      Than do their rulers and masters,

                                      And, if they aren't particularly considerate,

                                      Are at least tolerant!