The genuinely transcendental society of

                                      A radical theocracy will be partial

                                      Neither to novels nor to antinovels

                                      And/or philosophical novels, but only to poems.

                                      Since I equate this radically theocratic society

                                      With Social Transcendentalism, it is logical

                                      For me to equate such literary poems

                                      As I now write with the 'social' aspect

                                      Of this relativistic absolutism,

                                      While reserving purely abstract poems

                                      For equation with its 'transcendental' aspect,

                                      Which would be meritocratic

                                      Rather than bureaucratic, and which

                                      Would eventually become the sole aspect of

                                      A super-transcendental absolutism.

                                      Yet, in the short term, literary poems

                                      Will still be justified, since serving

                                      To mould and clarify ideological allegiance

                                      Along the most appropriate theocratic lines.

                                      And I call 'literary' whatever is written in

                                      A meaningful, non-abstract,

                                      And expressive kind of way, thereby maintaining

                                      A sort of bureaucratic, and hence 'social', atomicity

                                      Between grammar and words

                                      For the sake of metaphysical intelligibility.

                                      By contrast, pure poetry will be

                                      Above the intellect, a kind of theocratic

                                      And hence 'transcendental' equivalent ...

                                      Of non-expressive word groupings.

                                      I would be less than

                                      A true Social Transcendentalist

                                      If, at other times, I didn't also write like that!