It is tempting to see a parallel,

                                            In the Irish and Spanish Civil Wars,

                                            Between Nationalism and Republicanism,

                                            But such a parallel would be, at best,

                                            Superficial, at worst downright misleading!

                                            Whereas the Irish Nationalists

                                            Were also republicans

                                            And the Republicans also nationalists,

                                            The Spanish Republicans weren't nationalists

                                            Nor the Nationalists republicans.

                                            Unlike the Spanish Civil War,

                                            The Irish Civil War didn't signify

                                            A fascist/communist dichotomy but, rather,

                                            Two shades of republican Nationalism -

                                            Soft and hard, gradual and immediate,

                                            Evolutionary and revolutionary.

                                            The split in Sinn Fein over the Treaty

                                            Led to fratricidal strife between

                                            Pro-Treaty Free Staters

                                            And Anti-Treaty Irregulars,

                                            And although the former eventually triumphed,

                                            Leaving Ireland with Dominion Status

                                            Within the British Empire,

                                            The proclamation of a republic

                                            Was later engineered by descendants

                                            Of the Free Staters who,

                                            Unlike hard-line republicans,

                                            Were resigned, under Costello, to

                                            A twenty-six county republic.

                                            Imagine, if you can, Franco proclaiming a republic,

                                            And one sees how far apart

                                            The antagonists of the Spanish Civil War

                                            Were from those of the Irish one!