Are you defeated by the world

                                            Or do you intend to conquer it?

                                            Do you run away from evil

                                            Or will you go forward to meet it?

                                            Do you oppose the proletariat

                                            Or are you their mate?

                                            When you have your way, will it be

                                            To run away from hammering noises

                                            Or to have them banned?

                                            Must you seek sanctuary,

                                            In the country, from dogs,

                                            Or is your hand destined to sign their doom?

                                            Can you tell 'the low' from 'the high',

                                            Or are you deaf and blind to both?

                                            Have you settled accounts with your enemies

                                            Or is that a future ambition?

                                            Can the bad-natured see where you stand

                                            Or have you been hiding away from them?

                                            When the good-natured are in need of help,

                                            Will you rush to their assistance

                                            Or leave them to perish?

                                            Does the world appeal to you

                                            Or are you dedicated to its overthrow?

                                            Could you put an end to evil

                                            Or will evil put an end to you?

                                            If the Truth is to be born,

                                            Are you prepared to kill-off the Lie?

                                            In speaking of salvation,

                                            Are you also mindful of the Damned?

                                            Is your hand destined

                                            To divide the chaff from the wheat,

                                            Or will some other do it for you?