My writings are always done

                                      In a cold room in winter.

                                      I can neither afford

                                      Nor do I desire perpetual heat.

                                      The electric fire I use

                                      Would inhibit my creativity,

                                      Counter my spiritual bias,

                                      Drag me nearer the diabolic,

                                      Which is ever hot.

                                      I, however, require cold,

                                      For it facilitates spiritual thought

                                      And enables one to remain closer to the divine.

                                      I am akin to Zarathustra,

                                      With his cool-air heights,

                                      And I wager that Nietzsche

                                      Also spent many a day in a cold room.

                                      Of course, I keep myself well-wrapped,

                                      So as to ward off germs,

                                      And generally I succeed in staying well.

                                      But I would rather suffer

                                      Periodic ill-health from the cold

                                      Than lasting health

                                      In front of the fire every day,

                                      Since such a habit

                                      Would not permit me to write as well

                                      Or as profoundly as I do.

                                      It would stultify me in no time,

                                      Establishing, in place of my cool-air clarity,

                                      A hothouse stuffiness

                                      Injurious to clear thinking.

                                      I would rather perish than become a vegetable.