Whereas Christianity signifies

                                      A compromise between the proton Father

                                      And the electron Holy Ghost ...

                                      In the atomic 'person' of Christ,

                                      Antichristianity, or Communism, upholds

                                      No such compromise, since

                                      Partial to electrons alone,

                                      Albeit on the materialist level of

                                      The particle proletariat rather than - as with Centrism -

                                      On the idealistic level of the wavicle superfolk.

                                      Hence a communist democracy can have

                                      No truck with the bourgeoisie, who signify

                                      A neutron connotation, as though

                                      Appertaining, along with aristocracy, to the Father.

                                      In actual fact, the bourgeoisie

                                      Appertain to what might be called

                                      The fundamentalist aspect of Christ,

                                      Whereas the proletariat appertain, by contrast,

                                      To His transcendentalist aspect ...

                                      Without, however, being of the Holy Ghost.

                                      That can only apply to the superfolk,

                                      Who, in a Centrist society, will stand in

                                      An antithetical context to the feudal aristocracy,

                                      That class approximating to the Father.

                                      (I say nothing of relative antitheses,

                                      as between superfolk and peasantry

                                      or, alternatively, meritocracy and aristocracy.)

                                      So a bourgeois/proletarian compromise

                                      Inheres to both democracy and

                                      Its religious concomitance ... in Protestantism,

                                      Christ signifying a compromise

                                      Between church and state.... Unlike Marx

                                      Who, as the Antichrist, upholds

                                      A proletarian exclusivity in accordance with

                                      The anti-democratic essence of Communism,

                                      An essence which nevertheless still makes for

                                      A so-called 'People's Democracy' in

                                      The godless state of the proletariat!