The Superman isn't the thing

                                      That Nietzsche's 'great noontide'

                                      Might lead one to believe,

                                      But a life form superior to man

                                      And inferior to the Superbeing.


                                      The Superman won't be God but godly,

                                      For the Holy Spirit will be transcendent,

                                      While the Superman

                                      Will be partly mundane

                                      And therefore tied to the beastly.


                                      But he will be far less sensual than man,

                                      Because freed from the natural body

                                      And thereby elevated

                                      To the post-human heights of

                                      A brain artificially ran.


                                      Having an old brain

                                      Will keep him inferior to the Superbeing

                                      Of the millennial communes

                                      Which are destined to supplant him

                                      With the termination of all pain.


                                      But the old brain will be

                                      Kept under tight control

                                      As he expands the new brain

                                      With the aid of such synthetic drugs

                                      As the leaders may extol.


                                      And thus he will know a superior form

                                      Of upward self-transcendence

                                      To transcendental man,

                                      Whose television spirituality in appearance

                                      Is the contemporary norm.