The upper class are inherently autocratic,

                                      The middle class inherently democratic,

                                      And the lower class inherently bureaucratic.

                                      Evolution proceeds from the first to the last,

                                      Who are only 'lower' in relation to the others,

                                      Since, objectively considered, potentially

                                      If not actually superior to them ...

                                      On account of their environmentally

                                      And socially more-evolved constitutions.

                                      The upper class stem from the Father,

                                      The middle class acknowledge the Son,

                                      While the lower class aspire -

                                      If intermittently and rather indirectly ...

                                      In terms of the Virgin Mary -  towards the Holy Spirit.

                                      Now because in the future there should be

                                      Neither autocratic nor democratic classes,

                                      The lower class will be the only class

                                      And, consequently, not lower at all

                                      But an ultimate class, germane to

                                      The theocratic absolutism of a transcendental age.

                                      When the people ultimately triumph over

                                      Both the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie,

                                      The age of theocracy will be upon us.

                                      Thus will humanity attain to its zenith,

                                      Though less in the guise

                                      Of the bureaucratic proletariat than

                                      In that of the theocratic superfolk -

                                      The ultimate manifestation of the People.