Just as atomic evolution proceeds, through man, from

                                      A proton- and/or atomic-particle Kingdom to

                                      An atomic-wavicle Church, and then (following

                                      the rise of a neutron-wavicle Church) from

                                      A neutron- and/or electron-particle State to

                                      An electron-wavicle Centre,

                                      So class evolution mirrors a similar progression,

                                      Beginning with the proton- and/or atomic-particle

                                      Aristocracy/peasantry, continuing with

                                      The atomic-wavicle plutocracy/workers, beginning afresh

                                      With the neutron- and/or electron-particle

                                      Bureaucracy/proletariat, and culminating with

                                      The electron-wavicle meritocracy/superfolk.

                                      During the proton and atomic stages of evolution,

                                      The minority classes - namely aristocracy

                                      And plutocracy - exploit the majority classes

                                      Of the peasantry and workers.

                                      During the neutron and/or electron

                                      Stages of evolution, however, the majority classes -

                                      Namely proletariat and superfolk - are served

                                      By the minority classes

                                      Of the bureaucracy and meritocracy.

                                      An overlap from one class-stage to another

                                      Does of course obtain, though

                                      The emergence of a third class-stage

                                      Renders the first untenable.

                                      The distinction, furthermore,

                                      Between particle and wavicle stages

                                      Is in regard to manual and intellectual work,

                                      As befitting their respective natures.

                                      Thus whereas the peasantry and proletariat

                                      Are both engaged, according to

                                      Their particle biases, in manual work

                                      (the first naturally, through toil in fields,

                                      the second artificially, through toil in factories),

                                      The workers and superfolk, by contrast,

                                      Are engaged, according to their wavicle biases, in

                                      Brain work (the former naturally,

                                      through clerical work, the latter supernaturally,

                                      through the use, in research, of computers,

                                      calculators, cassette recorders, and so on).

                                      From field to factory, and from office to laboratory.