As politics degenerates towards democratic anarchy,

                                So, by a counter principle, economics becomes

                                More important until, with the nadir of

                                Political degeneration in Marxist socialism, it becomes

                                All-important, symptomatic of the final decadence.

                                Contrary to this trend of the rise of the lowest

                                Towards a position of paramount importance,

                                Social Transcendentalism will champion

                                The expansion of religion at the expense of politics,

                                And to a point where economics would be

                                Firmly subordinated to theocratic requirement.

                                Instead of leading an independent life,

                                As it all-too-often does these days, economics

                                Would become the servant of religion,

                                While Social Transcendentalism strove to expand its base

                                And further Centrist civilization in the world generally

                                But the more theocratic parts of it in particular.

                                Ownership of the means of production

                                Would no longer be solely a plutocratic or even

                                A bureaucratic affair, but would pass, duly transmuted, to

                                The meritocracy, who alone would be responsible

                                For the allocation of funds, with particular emphasis

                                On meritocratic affairs, though with

                                Due deference to bureaucracy, albeit a minimum one.