It is well-known that smoking

                                            Isn't good for the health,

                                            But it may not be generally appreciated

                                            That smoking, no less than politics, is divisible

                                            Into left- and right-wing manifestations,

                                            With the corollary of subnatural, natural,

                                            Antinatural, and supernatural distinctions,

                                            A corollary presupposing

                                            Roll-ups and cigarettes on the one hand,

                                            But cigars and pipes on the other,

                                            The former left wing, the latter right.

                                            Yes, there is a communist equivalent

                                            To the smoking of a roll-up,

                                            And if this is subnaturalistic,

                                            Then the smoking of a cigarette is naturalistic,

                                            And thus rather more liberal.

                                            By contrast to cigarettes, cigars suggest

                                            A conservative equivalent,

                                            A moderate antinaturalism which is transcended

                                            In the supernaturalism of a pipe,

                                            That fascist equivalent.