There is a self-destructive aspect to everyone,

                                By dint of the body having a proton ingredient.

                                But so, too, does everyone possess

                                A self-constructive aspect by dint of

                                The body having an electron ingredient

                                (Not to mention a self-instructive neutron

                                And a self-restrictive atomic ingredient).

                                Where the former contracts and reacts,

                                The latter expands and attracts, and we

                                Need not doubt that the more evolved the person

                                And the more civilized the civilization, the greater

                                Will be the preponderance of the self-constructive

                                Over the self-destructive, since evolution presupposes

                                The furtherance of electrons at the expense of protons,

                                And this no less in the individual than in society at large.

                                And yet, no matter how far man evolves

                                Within his human limitations, he will always retain

                                The self-destructive aspect to some extent,

                                If to a much lesser extent than his pagan forebears.

                                We need not regret this, for it also has its advantages,

                                Including furtherance of the spiritual life.

                                Without a self-destructive aspect it is doubtful that

                                Man would ever consent to becoming superman,

                                With a brain artificially supported and sustained.