It is easy to mistake

                                The apparent for the essential,

                                To confound protons with electrons,

                                Particularly when the former

                                Take on, in human atomicity,

                                A civilized electron veneer,

                                And the latter, as masses,

                                Are obliged to work/behave in a forceful manner,

                                Thus appearing to have a proton bias.

                                It is even easier to discard

                                The essential for the apparent,

                                To favour an apparent absolutism,

                                Albeit one couched in essential terms,

                                So that the apparent appears complete in itself,

                                And any subsequent reference to

                                A theocracy-biased, free-electron aspiration is ruled out,

                                More on account of ignorance than wilful malice.

                                Thinking on apparent terms about the world

                                And its historical evolution can lead to

                                A superficial notion of what constitutes

                                The main motive or driving-force behind its

                                Historical evolution - namely the class war,

                                As between bourgeoisie and proletariat.

                                But while this is indeed a motive force for change,

                                It is only the apparent one,

                                Born of contingent, ephemeral factors

                                Which vary according to epoch and environment.

                                The essential driving-force and focus of tension

                                In the world's historical evolution

                                Will be completely overlooked,

                                Being something that can only be grasped

                                From a theocratic standpoint.

                                And what is this something if not the 'sex war'

                                Between selfless women and selfish men,

                                The apparent bias of each sex

                                Paradoxically belying the essential one,

                                Which in women is particle-hard and in men wavicle-soft?

                                It isn't class division which is the real obstacle

                                To a brotherhood of men but ...

                                The intrusion of women between them,

                                Cutting them off from one another

                                As a possessive suspicion and sexual distrust

                                Condition their mutual relations.

                                Only when men are freed, by religion,

                                From the possessive clutches of women

                                Will a true 'brotherhood of man' be possible.

                                Yet this can only happen in a deeply theocratic society,

                                Where the essential will take

                                Considerable precedence over the apparent.