If the State 'withers away',

                                      In Engels' oft-quoted phrase,

                                      It is because religion flourishes.

                                      The State cannot 'wither away' by itself,

                                      But only in relation to the flourishing of religion.

                                      If religion doesn't flourish,

                                      The State has no business 'withering away'.

                                      It cannot abandon the world to chaos,

                                      But must protect religious progress.

                                      The Christian religion, being dualistic,

                                      Caused the State to 'wither away' partially.

                                      The transcendental religion of the future,

                                      Being post-dualistic, will cause it

                                      To 'wither away' completely.  And after

                                      The State has disappeared

                                      There will only be religion, the religion

                                      Of the supermen-superbeing phases

                                      Of the post-Human Millennium, tending ever nearer

                                      To the culmination of spiritual evolution

                                      In the post-Millennial Beyond.  Eventually

                                      There will be no religion at all, but only God.

                                      For God is the outcome of all striving

                                      Towards divine transcendence.