Communal prayer is endemic to Christianity,

                                      Because thought appertains to

                                      The wavicle aspect of the neutron,

                                      With particular reference to the midbrain.

                                      If Christianity has hitherto stressed prayer

                                      Instead of meditation, it is because -

                                      Particularly in its Protestant manifestation -

                                      Christianity has to do with

                                      The wavicle aspect of the neutron, being more

                                      A religion of the intellect, or Word made Flesh,

                                      Than of the spirit.

                                      Meditation, by contrast, appertains to

                                      The wavicle aspect of the electron,

                                      And is accordingly a spiritual indulgence,

                                      Awareness being cultivated for its own sake

                                      Rather than used, as will,

                                      To condition and order thoughts.

                                      In recited prayer, there is very little

                                      Use of the will, since what has been learnt,

                                      And consigned to memory, attests

                                      To a neutron-wavicle approach stemming

                                      From the Son and reflecting the enslavement of

                                      The supplicant/worshipper to natural determinism.

                                      Free thought, on the other hand,

                                      Is thought regulated by the will,

                                      Or particle aspect of the electron,

                                      And it is indicative of

                                      A state freedom from natural determinism,

                                      So dear to republican democratic sentiment.

                                      Free thought is fundamentally anti-Church,

                                      But it can also become pro-Centre,

                                      As when used to advocate

                                      The electron-wavicle freedom of pure contemplation.

                                      If free thought is antinatural,

                                      Then freedom from thought is Supernatural,

                                      The antithesis to bound thought,

                                      And thus to wavicle-biased neutrons.