A true brotherhood of man

                                Doesn't imply that homosexuality

                                Should come to replace heterosexuality,

                                The antinatural the natural,

                                But, rather, that supernatural sex, or supersex,

                                Should replace natural sex,

                                And thus a sublimated heterosexuality ...

                                The concrete heterosexuality of before.

                                In other words, the absolute must take over

                                From the relative, as men and women

                                Cease to be directly dependent on each other

                                For either sexual or propagative satisfaction.

                                The essence of a brotherhood of man

                                Isn't, of course, sensual but ... spiritual,

                                And signifies an approximation to

                                The indivisible unity of the Holy Spirit.

                                A spiritual essence demands a spiritualized appearance,

                                And so all sex would have to be supernatural,

                                Reflecting a distinctive electron bias.

                                For men-become-supermen, this would entail recourse,

                                Via VDU screens, to higher types of pornography ...

                                From soft-core mature teenage supernaturalism

                                To hard-core mature teenage supra-naturalism (the latter

                                particularly relevant to the centripetal focus

                                of a radically theocratic society), and for

                                Women-become-supermen it would entail

                                The use of vibrators - a supernatural penis,

                                Intended to function in succession to the natural one.

                                As a logical corollary of this, propagation would

                                Proceed on a supernatural basis,

                                The female supermen granted access

                                To sperm banks from which the appropriate sperm,

                                Donated by male supermen, would be extracted

                                And artificially inseminated into the mother-to-be,

                                Thereby precluding the necessity of direct involvement

                                Between the sexes, now having effectively

                                Become one sex (unisexual), neither of whom

                                Should have any intention of demeaning the other ...

                                Through a regression to naturalistic criteria.