'Supersex' focusing on the artificial extremes

                                Of supernatural sex - namely the lowest extreme

                                In vibrator stimulation, and the highest extreme

                                In vagina-based computer erotica.

                                There are, however, two types

                                Of supersex coming in-between these extremes -

                                Namely a higher, female-superman extreme

                                In penis-based computer erotica,

                                And a lower, male-superman extreme

                                In plastic inflatable intercourse.

                                Taking a type from each category separately,

                                One could distinguish between

                                Moderate female-superman sex, in vibrator stimulation,

                                And radical female-superman sex

                                In penis-based pornography, as intended for females;

                                Just so, one could distinguish between

                                Moderate male-superman sex in inflatable intercourse,

                                And radical male-superman sex

                                In vagina-based erotica, as intended for males.

                                Thus each gender, whether superhumanly female or male,

                                Would have a lower and a higher type of

                                Sexual indulgence from which to choose,

                                Depending on their temperaments and/or capabilities.

                                Just as vibrators and plastic inflatables are

                                Antithetical equivalents within

                                An artificial physical context, so penis- and vagina-based

                                Modes of computer erotica would be

                                Antithetical equivalents within

                                An artificial psychic context, the latter superior to

                                Their respective counterparts in the former context,

                                The spiritual morally preferable to the physical,

                                Sublimated voyeuristic stimulation morally preferable

                                To artificial physical stimulation.

                                So for the less intelligent and/or more physical

                                Male supermen, who may find the sublimated ideal

                                Too transcendent, there will be the lower male supersex

                                Of artificial intercourse to fall back on.

                                Conversely, for the more intelligent and/or less physical

                                Female supermen, who might find vibrator stimulation

                                A bore, there will be the higher female supersex

                                Of penis-based erotica to get into - assuming

                                The superperson in question wasn't already

                                More disposed to such a supersex in any case.