The penetration of thought by will makes for memory,

                                      Which is an atomic phenomenon reflecting

                                      A compromise between brain and mind,

                                      The electron particles of the new brain

                                      And the neutron wavicles of the conscious mind.

                                      Thoughts reside in the latter,

                                      But their realization or recollection

                                      Depends upon the degree to which

                                      The former is exercised.

                                      A strong will should induce a strong memory,

                                      A weak will ... a weak memory.

                                      In distinguishing between brain and mind,

                                      One has a particle/wavicle dichotomy,

                                      The neutron particles of the midbrain

                                      Contrasting, through read literature, with

                                      The neutron wavicles, or thoughts, of

                                      The conscious mind; the electron particles

                                      Of the new brain contrasting, as will, with

                                      The electron wavicles, or awareness, of

                                      The superconscious; not to mention

                                      The proton particles of the old brain

                                      Contrasting, as emotion, with

                                      The proton wavicles, or dreams, of

                                      The subconscious mind.

                                      Just as the Church stems from the Kingdom,

                                      So, in a manner of speaking, does the conscious mind

                                      Stem from the old brain.

                                      By contrast with the conscious mind,

                                      The new brain signifies a 'fall' (forwards)

                                      From church to state or, at any rate, from

                                      The Protestant Church to the Republican State,

                                      Neutron wavicles to neutron and/or electron particles.

                                      But out of the particle Republic

                                      Should arise the wavicle Centre,

                                      As the new brain leads to the superconscious,

                                      And thus a return to mind - only this time

                                      To mind of the spirit rather than

                                      To mind of either the soul or the intellect.