You use words to express maximum theocratic meaning,

                                You don't pay too much attention

                                To grammar or technique.  You aren't

                                An atomist, torn between relativities, but

                                A bound-electron equivalent

                                Who favours a conceptual absolutism,

                                A mind given to essences to a much

                                Greater extent than to appearances.

                                Why, you don't even divide

                                Your poetic thoughts into stanzas, disdaining

                                The relativity such a procedure would reflect.

                                You have never consciously rhymed

                                Line-endings, disdaining the seduction

                                Of the eye to poetic appearances.

                                You don't much go on alliteration, onomatopoeia,

                                Or assonance either, and one would look in vain

                                For a regular, heart-like metre.

                                You aren't a practitioner of belle-lettres,

                                For whom beauty, and hence aesthetics, is

                                Of consummate importance.

                                You know that, taken to extremes, beauty and truth

                                Are mutually exclusive, and that you

                                Can't get to the poetic truth of theocratic essence

                                By deferring to literary beauty.

                                Not that your poems are ugly!

                                Ugliness precedes beauty and is, in any case,

                                Incompatible with truth.

                                Your poems must be judged

                                On their own poetic terms, as expressions of

                                The highest theocratic truth.

                                Expressions, yes, but not impressions!

                                For you always approach truth

                                From a sort of anti-philosophical angle,

                                Not as a free-electron equivalent in pure spirituality.

                                You prefer to intimate of the Divine Omega

                                Indirectly rather than directly ... through

                                A contemplation-inducing impressive style.

                                Your metaphysical poetry is generally

                                In the freest free-verse style, yet it is still

                                Bound to appearances, and so

                                It must remain while you continue to preach.

                                It's just possible that you will evolve

                                To a still freer style in due course, the verse

                                More columnar, and hence transcendent, than ever before.

                                But will you abandon expression, turning

                                To abstract impression in a superpoetical salvation?