Evolution begins with the gaseous mass of stars

                                      And proceeds from point 1 to

                                      The formation of planets at point 2.

                                      Then comes the development of life

                                      On the planets that, at the lowest level,

                                      We can designate as plants

                                      Which, at point 3, are subconsciously-dominated.

                                      With point 4, however, we arrive

                                      At the autonomous life forms

                                      Of the beasts (whether bird, fish, insect, animal,

                                      Or reptile), and evolution then proceeds

                                      To point 5, which is pagan man,

                                      Who is also subconsciously-dominated,

                                      Though capable of further development.

                                      This leads to the dualistic stage

                                      Of human evolution at points 5/6,

                                      When the subconscious and the superconscious

                                      Are approximately in balance,

                                      And with the further development

                                      Of the superconscious we proceed from there

                                      To transcendental man at point 6 -

                                      The opposite of point 5.  Transcendental man

                                      Is then superseded by the Superman who,

                                      As a brain artificially supported

                                      And sustained in communal contexts, signifies

                                      A further development of the superconscious,

                                      And stands at point 7,

                                      The opposite of the beasts at point 4.

                                      With the removal of the old brain

                                      From the superman's stage of evolution,

                                      And the intensified communization

                                      Of artificially supported and sustained new-brains,

                                      We arrive at point 8, when

                                      A life form antithetical in constitution

                                      To the plants (and particularly to trees)

                                      At point 3 is established,

                                      Which has been called the Superbeing.

                                      Now evolutionary progress has only to attain

                                      To a point antithetical to the planets

                                      For the Spiritual Globes of point 9

                                      To bring it closer to its ultimate consummation.

                                      From there, these separate globes of pure spirit

                                      Have only to merge into one another

                                      In the transcendental Beyond to form, at point 10,

                                      The Omega Absolute, antithetical in every respect

                                      To the Alpha Absolute(s) ... of the infernal stars.