Every human being stems from the Diabolic Alpha

                                      And also aspires towards the Divine Omega,

                                      But no two human beings stem from

                                      Or aspire towards to exactly the same extent.

                                      The higher the man, the more will he

                                      Aspire towards the Divine Omega.

                                      The lower the man, the more he will

                                      Stem from the Diabolic Alpha.

                                      Generally speaking, babies, children, youths,

                                      Women, and tyrants stem from the Diabolic Alpha

                                      To a greater extent than they aspire

                                      Towards its antithesis in transcendent spirit,

                                      And for this reason such creatures

                                      Will rarely be popular with higher men,

                                      Who as often as not lead a saint-like existence,

                                      Scorning all but the minimum of sensuality

                                      In allegiance to their spiritual aspirations.

                                      But higher men are comparatively rare

                                      Even in this ostensibly advanced age,

                                      And are generally regarded as cranks or perverts

                                      By the vulgar majority.

                                      Nevertheless evolutionary progress requires

                                      That an aspiration towards the Divine Omega

                                      Be stepped-up at the expense of

                                      A stemming from the Diabolic Alpha,

                                      And therefore that mankind become

                                      More spiritual the higher they evolve.

                                      Doubtless babies, children, youths, women,

                                      And tyrants will remain victims

                                      Of a certain inescapable level of sensuality

                                      For as long as they exist.

                                      Nonetheless the pressure will be on adults

                                      To improve their level of commitment

                                      To the Divine Omega over the coming centuries.

                                      Eventually there will be no human beings at all

                                      But only Supermen, and so man

                                      Will have been 'overcome' in the interests

                                      Of a greater spiritual commitment

                                      Than ever he could manage, what with

                                      His natural body and sensual obligations.

                                      Only a brain artificially supported and sustained

                                      Would really be in an evolutionary position

                                      To expand spirit to any radical extent,

                                      An expansion which could only presuppose

                                      Subsequent transformations ... as appertaining

                                      To still higher stages of post-human life.

                                      But there will be fools and ignoramuses among

                                      The People who will persist

                                      In trying to thwart evolutionary progress

                                      And prevent such an eventuality

                                      From finally coming to pass.

                                      These fools and ignoramuses will stem

                                      From the Diabolic Alpha to a greater extent

                                      Than they aspire towards the Divine Omega,

                                      Opposing those who are morally above them.

                                      Life is often a struggle between

                                      These two opposing tendencies,

                                      Which respectively reflect 'the bad' and 'the good'.

                                      No matter what the situation 'the good'

                                      Must continue their struggle against 'the bad'

                                      In order to improve the quality of life

                                      In this world, and should eventually

                                      Triumph over them altogether, bringing

                                      Higher life on earth closer

                                      To salvation in spiritual transcendence.

                                      To the extent that the world is natural

                                      It is bad, because barbarous.

                                      To the extent that the world is artificial

                                      It is good, because civilized.

                                      The world only becomes better to the extent

                                      That the artificial predominates over the natural.

                                      For the more artificial it becomes,

                                      The closer it draws to the Supernatural, and thus

                                      To the attainment of the highest life form,

                                      In the guise of collectivized new-brains

                                      Artificially supported and sustained, to

                                      The transcendental Beyond in which, ultimately,

                                      Only the Omega Absolute

                                      Of undifferentiated transcendent spirit

                                      Will prevail for all eternity.