You cannot be for both nature and

                                The Supernatural at the same time.

                                An allegiance to the former

                                Rules out supernatural allegiance.

                                You may oppose the anti-natural pollution of nature

                                By modern industry, but if you side too strongly

                                With nature against the latter, like an ecologist,

                                You won't be in the vanguard

                                Of evolutionary progress, but ...

                                A kind of modern reactionary,

                                The new form of conservatism.

                                Like it or not, ecologists are symptomatic

                                Of last-ditch conservatism,

                                A decadent conservatism obliged to champion

                                An overt concern for nature in

                                The face of anti-natural opposition,

                                A kind of bureaucratic conservatism

                                In allegiance to the lowest-common-denominator

                                Of natural identification - namely nature-in-the-raw.

                                Were they to succeed in preventing

                                The continual pollution/destruction of

                                The natural world, all aspirations toward

                                A supernatural one would be considerably undermined,

                                If not rendered entirely superfluous,

                                Since people would come to value nature too highly

                                Ever to wish to abandon it for

                                The absolute supernature of a free-electron spirituality.

                                Now whilst antinaturalism doesn't directly

                                Lead to the millennial Beyond, at least it reduces

                                Man's dependence on and respect for nature.

                                For it seems to me that only when

                                The greater part of the natural world

                                Is thoroughly uninhabitable

                                Will man have any real incentive to live

                                An intensely artificial, interiorized life in

                                A civilization the antithesis of

                                The natural one of autocratic antiquity.

                                Only when he is responsible for the production

                                Of his own light, heat, oxygen, food, and drink,

                                In an indoor context, will he come to aspire

                                More intensely towards the Supernatural,

                                And thus draw nearer to the first of

                                The two life forms of the post-human millennium,

                                A life form whose brain, derived from

                                Cyborg 'humanity', would be artificially supported

                                And, more importantly, artificially sustained

                                By manufactured oxygen mechanically pumped

                                Through it in indoor collectivized contexts.

                                Ecologist, you are but nature's last spokesman,

                                On whom the Supernaturalist

                                Must disdainfully turn his back!