Whether the materialism be of old brain or new brain,

                                      Imagination or will, subnatural or antinatural, it must

                                      Ever contrast with the naturalism and supernaturalism,

                                      Thought and awareness, of the intellectual conscious

                                      And the spiritual superconscious, which alone

                                      Appertain to the wavicle aspects of the atom.

                                      Whether one has a bias for the particle

                                      Or the wavicle aspect of a particular element ...

                                      Will, to a large extent, depend upon one's race,

                                      And we need not doubt that whilst

                                      Anglo-Saxons generally favour the particle aspect

                                      Of each element, Celts, particularly when Irish,

                                      Generally favour its wavicle aspect.

                                      Thus whereas the English progressed

                                      From imagination to will,

                                      As from Shakespeare to Empire,

                                      The Irish are in the process

                                      Of progressing from thought to awareness,

                                      As from prayer to contemplation.

                                      In the case of the English a materialist progression

                                      From the Kingdom to the State;

                                      In the case of the Irish a spiritual progression

                                      From the Church to the Centre.

                                      Of course, neither people are absolute,

                                      An atomic compromise being endemic

                                      To humanity over a given period of time.

                                      But few would deny that a bias

                                      One way or the other has long existed,

                                      And certainly, as far as the Irish are concerned,

                                      Such a bias will continue to exist into the future,

                                      Irish people becoming more spiritual,

                                      English people, with external encouragement,

                                      Less materialist, until eventually,

                                      Following decades of interbreeding

                                      Between blacks and whites,

                                      The Anglo-Saxon race effectively ceases to exist,

                                      And the majority of the inhabitants

                                      Of what is now mainland Britain

                                      Become no less spiritual than

                                      Their Celtic neighbours across the Irish Sea.