As appearance gives way to essence

                                      In the overall evolution of human life,

                                      So must Social Transcendentalism eventually

                                      Be superseded by Super-transcendentalism,

                                      In order that the second and higher phase

                                      Of Centrist civilization may come to pass

                                      And bring Centrism to maturity,

                                      Through the purest meditation,

                                      In the ripe wisdom of a beingful essence.

                                      This meditation of the noumenal self upon itself

                                      Will supersede contemplation of the other in the self,

                                      Pure transcendentalism superseding

                                      The impure transcendentalism of the hallucinogenic trip,

                                      Just as, in the Christian West, puritanical Protestantism

                                      Superseded visionary Catholicism

                                      In the evolution of Christianity

                                      From appearance to essence, doing to being.

                                      Phases cannot be escaped, and if the second phase

                                      Of Centrism must wait until the first phase

                                      Has properly run its course, then so be it!