While thinking in terms of racial roots

                                      Is permissible within an open society

                                      Of democratic provenance,

                                      It would be taboo within a closed society

                                      Of theocratic persuasion, such as

                                      A Social Transcendental Centre, where neither Celts

                                      Nor Anglo-Saxons and Jews would exist,

                                      But only free-electron ideologues

                                      Partial to a supra-national designation.

                                      If nationals can also be tribalists -

                                      Englishmen Anglo-Saxons or Irishmen Celts -

                                      Then supra-nationals will only be transcendentalists,

                                      Even if Irish and Israeli or Iranian ones,

                                      Depending on their national background.

                                      Thus an Irish Social Transcendentalist

                                      Would be first and foremost an ideologue,

                                      Albeit one of Irish descent.

                                      He won't be an Irishman, still less a Celt,

                                      Since both national and subnational ascriptions

                                      Will cease to be relevant

                                      In a Social Transcendental Centre.

                                      If Eire is destined to become

                                      The first ideological component in

                                      A sort of federation

                                      Of Social Transcendental Centres,

                                      Then it will have to cease being Eire

                                      And instead become

                                      An Irish Social Transcendental Centre,

                                      Elevated to the supra-national status

                                      Of a full-blown theocracy under

                                      The Messianic guidance of he who, for a

                                      Variety of reasons, most corresponds to

                                      A Second Coming and intends to establish

                                      His heavenly 'kingdom', the Centre, on earth ...

                                      In order that all worldly kingdoms

                                      May be overcome and the world brought to

                                      A theocratic unity in transcendental Centrism,

                                      As the necessary precondition

                                      Of subsequent, or millennial, evolution.