Millennial evolution does of course imply

                                      The creation, by qualified technicians, of

                                      The life forms destined to supersede

                                      The superhuman/superbeingful 'men'

                                      Of the Centrist civilization - namely

                                      The artificially-supported and sustained

                                      Brain collectivizations of the Supermen,

                                      Followed, some time later, by

                                      The new-brain collectivizations

                                      Of the Superbeings; the first post-human life form

                                      Antithetical to apes,

                                      The second one antithetical to trees;

                                      The former engaged in hypertripping,

                                      Or undergoing hallucinogenic enlightenment

                                      More extensively and intensively

                                      Than would be possible on the human plane;

                                      The latter engaged in hypermeditating,

                                      Or meditating more extensively and intensively

                                      Than would be possible on the human plane;

                                      The distinction between them amounting

                                      To a more radical duplication of

                                      The preceding superhuman/superbeingful stages

                                      Of Centrist civilization, leading

                                      (via the Superbeings) to transcendence,

                                      And thus to the attainment of pure spirit

                                      To the spatial Beyond where, in conjunction

                                      With numerous other spiritual transcendences, it will

                                      Proceed on its heavenly journey towards

                                      The culmination of all evolution in

                                      The definitive spiritual unity of the Omega Absolute -

                                      The ultimate, or universal, globe ... of pure spirit,

                                      The blessed being of

                                      The Holy Spirit in the bliss of Eternity.

                                      Yet before the spatial Beyond of ... Heaven,

                                      The heavenly millennium of ...

                                      The post-human life forms,

                                      The first stage set on earth,

                                      The second ... in space,

                                      Each stage a full-blown version

                                      Of the coming civilization, which will be

                                      A millennium of post-humanist endeavour,

                                      As championed and led by Social Transcendentalism.