To pretend that the Greater German Reich

                                      Was Germany is at best self-deception,

                                      At worst political naiveté.

                                      Hitler created, at first Austria's

                                      And then Czechoslovakia's expense,

                                      A supra-national entity distinct from Germany,

                                      And owing nothing to republican precedent.

                                      In the Greater German Reich we perceive

                                      The rudiments of a theocratic union,

                                      Which was subsequently extended at Poland's expense

                                      And was originally designed to embrace

                                      The racial folk community of the Teutonic peoples,

                                      Who, in Hitler's estimation, were alone qualified

                                      To receive the (false) theocracy of National Socialism,

                                      And thus, in comparison with surrounding

                                      Democratic peoples (both liberal and communist), become

                                      A 'master race', living in a superior, or theocratic, system

                                      In which sovereignty was vested in Hitler

                                      Who, as Führer, approximated,

                                      No matter how crudely, to a Second Coming,

                                      The saviour of his people, meaning

                                      Those capable of being thus theocratized,

                                      Who acknowledged the Leader

                                      And were obligated to obey him.

                                      Being a false theocracy, National Socialism

                                      Assuredly deserved to fail, but I would be a hypocrite

                                      Not to perceive in it the crude prototype

                                      Of a higher order, an intimation of things to come ...

                                      With the rebirth of theocracy in Centrism,

                                      And consequent emergence of Social Transcendentalism

                                      As the ideology destined to complete what Nazism,

                                      In its socialistic imperfection,

                                      Ultimately failed to achieve - namely

                                      The overcoming of all democracy and

                                      Advancement, throughout the world,

                                      Of genuine theocracy, albeit by degrees

                                      And according to ethnic suitability.

                                      What National Socialism inevitably failed to do,

                                      Social Transcendentalism must succeed in doing,

                                      To the greater glory of world-historical progress!