Beyond the extreme supernatural art

                                Of conceptual light art lies

                                The supra-natural art of holography,

                                A truly radical theocratic art

                                Which, taken to abstract extremes, would confirm

                                A free-electron absolutism suited to

                                A transcendental age and society,

                                And antithetical to the inception of art

                                In terms, necessarily mundane, of representational sculpture.

                                If holography begins in the representational,

                                Relative to Social Transcendentalism,

                                It must culminate in the abstract,

                                In deference to the absolutist criteria of

                                A more extreme, or super-transcendental age.

                                Holograms suggest a kind of external tripping,

                                As though they were LSD visions outside

                                Rather than inside the mind.

                                Thus they would be appropriate to

                                The hallucinogenic phase of a theocratic age,

                                As much the converse of

                                The internal spiritual life of contemplation

                                As television is currently the converse of

                                The internal soulful life of dreams.

                                And the same would apply to

                                The later, hypermeditating phase of such an age,

                                When, in order to correspond with the internal world,

                                The holograms would have to be abstract -

                                Projections into space of abstract sculptural shapes,

                                Specifically globular in appearance,

                                The better to intimate of ultimate essence.