The atomic dichotomy between work and play

                                      Is gradually being superseded

                                      By a bias for play ... that may yet turn into

                                      An exclusive concern with play, or recreation,

                                      At the expense of work.

                                      If the pagan age was partial to work,

                                      And the Christian age to a compromise

                                      Between work and play, then we needn't doubt

                                      That the coming transcendental age

                                      Will be partial to play, as was already the case

                                      In the late-twentieth century where

                                      Large numbers of people were concerned,

                                      Not least among those who had no work

                                      Because they were unemployed, and consequently

                                      Read books and/or magazines,

                                      Listened to music and/or voice recordings,

                                      Watched television and/or video,

                                      Played slot machines and/or computer games.

                                      Play is no bad thing if it brings one closer to being,

                                      Takes one further away from

                                      The historical curse of work.

                                      The work/play dichotomy is, after all, equivalent

                                      To an atomic/neutron distinction,

                                      And whilst a compromise between the two

                                      Will be relevant to an atomic age,

                                      It can only become increasingly irrelevant

                                      As time advances towards a free-electron age

                                      In which not worldly compromise

                                      But heavenly absolutism is the social norm,

                                      In deference to theocratic criteria.

                                      Beingful play, then, will be the future norm -

                                      At least as far as the masses are concerned.

                                      For not all men are the same,

                                      And while the majority may prefer to play,

                                      A minority will favour work, if of a beingful nature.

                                      These are, of course, the leaders,

                                      The shepherds to the flock,

                                      And while they are largely responsible

                                      For the creation of new 'promised lands'

                                      Of the spirit, they don't care or dare

                                      To enter them personally, leaving

                                      Their enjoyment to the people.