Degenerate antinatural literature

                                Will still be novelistic (for the novel is both

                                a bureaucratic and a democratic genre), but on

                                An extreme abstract, or non-expressive, level -

                                Words freed from grammatical constraints,

                                And hence meanings, and reduced to

                                The lowest-common-denominator of

                                An anarchic equalitarianism, in which, devoid of

                                An hierarchic significance, they're approximately equal.

                                Such Marxist literature will signify

                                The nadir of novelistic degeneration,

                                Relative to the Extreme Left.

                                Prose poetry composed in a similarly anarchic fashion

                                May be said to reflect a Marxist-Leninist integrity

                                To the extent that, poetry being a theocratic genre,

                                A supernatural form would thereby

                                Seem to have been brought to bear

                                On an extreme anti-natural content.

                                Again, one may speak of a distinction,

                                Within Western trends, between

                                Left- and right-wing communist integrities,

                                As between the antinatural and the anti-supernatural;

                                A similar distinction applying, for example,

                                To painterly Abstract Expressionism

                                And to Abstract Expressionist light art -

                                As, for that matter, to straight homosexuality

                                And homosexual pornography.