Socialism, whether democratic or totalitarian,

                                      May constitute an antithetical equivalent to

                                      The aristocratic enslavement of feudal autocracy,

                                      Being the electron-particle counterpart

                                      To proton-particle materialism,

                                      But it isn't the end, in economic terms, of

                                      The evolutionary road. 

                                      For no less than an atomic-wavicle equivalent

                                      Is entitled to its economic freedom,

                                      So an electron-wavicle equivalent

                                      Is entitled to its economic freedom

                                      In meritocratic Centrism,

                                      Which pertains to the Second Coming

                                      And to the Centrist ideology

                                      Of Social Transcendentalism,

                                      In what could be described as Centre guidance,

                                      Whereby the meritocracy decide how money

                                      Is to be spent and/or raised

                                      In the interests of supertheocratic freedom.