Supernatural literature can only be poetic (for poetry

                                is a theocratic genre), but of a well-ordered and

                                Impressive abstract style, such as induces contemplation.

                                The words must be arranged in such a manner as

                                To form a series of patterns and/or blocks

                                Which the eye will be obliged to accommodate

                                In much the same way as with a Neo-Plastic painting.

                                When there is nothing to read the intellect is transcended,

                                And the mind becomes the passive receptacle of

                                The optical impressions impinging upon consciousness

                                And thereby directly appealing to the majority

                                Electron content of the new brain, the superconscious,

                                Rather than indirectly, as in read literature, through

                                The intellectual medium of the

                                New-brain's minority neutron content.