When we distinguish between

                                The old brain and the subconscious,

                                We are effectively alluding to

                                An atomic-particle/electron-wavicle dichotomy,

                                In which the proton and neutron particles of

                                The former preponderate over

                                The electron wavicles of the latter.

                                Conversely, the distinction between

                                The new brain and the superconscious

                                Is of an atomic dichotomy in which

                                Electron wavicles preponderate over

                                Proton and neutron particles,

                                The theocratic Right over

                                The autocratic and/or democratic Left.

                                All consciousness (whether sub, average, or super)

                                Has to do with electrons, which exist within

                                The atomic structure of each brain.

                                Thus, in sleep, it is the subconscious, situated

                                In the old brain, which contemplates the dream activity

                                Of the neutron/proton content of the old brain.

                                The antithesis to this is the contemplation, during

                                LSD tripping, of the visionary passivity

                                Of the neutron/proton content of the new brain

                                By the superconscious, situated in the new brain.

                                And yet both subconscious and superconscious

                                Are distinct from their respective brains,

                                The psychological and the physiological akin to

                                The wavicle/particle dichotomy in matter.