The main economic distinction is between

                                      Particle enslavement and wavicle freedom,

                                      Or aristocratic feudalism

                                      And bureaucratic socialism on the one hand,

                                      But plutocratic capitalism

                                      And meritocratic centrism on the other hand,

                                      The bureaucratic leading to the meritocratic

                                      No less than the aristocratic led to the plutocratic,

                                      Albeit not, in each case, without a struggle,

                                      Nor, indeed, without intermediate compromises.

                                      If a proton-particle equivalent

                                      Is aristocratic in relation to

                                      An atomic-wavicle equivalent, its plutocratic successor,

                                      Then an electron-particle equivalent

                                      Will be bureaucratic in relation to

                                      An electron-wavicle equivalent, its meritocratic successor.

                                      Only the wavicle equivalent, whether moderate or extreme,

                                      Plutocratic or meritocratic, represents economic freedom.

                                      But only an extreme wavicle equivalent

                                      Can represent the highest freedom ...

                                      Of a meritocratic Centrism.