It is of course an oversimplification

                                To suppose that protons are always particles

                                And electrons invariably wavicles.

                                There is a wavicle aspect to every proton,

                                A particle aspect to every electron.

                                And yet such obverse aspects are

                                Ever subordinate to the principal aspects

                                Of the atomic divide - protons as particles

                                And electrons as wavicles, just as

                                The feminine element in every man

                                And the masculine element in every woman

                                Is subordinate to their respective sexual essences.

                                Women are generally soft outside but hard inside,

                                Men ... hard outside but soft inside,

                                The former with a wavicle appearance and

                                A particle essence, the latter with

                                A particle appearance and a wavicle essence.

                                Nonetheless there are 'women' whom we

                                Can regard as hard outside and soft inside,

                                Just as there are 'men' with a soft outside

                                But a hard inside - essentially feminine

                                In their psychic make-up, born to rule over other men.

                                Similarly, every ideological movement,

                                Whether Left or Right, contains its opposite within itself -

                                Communism a right wing no less than fascism a left.

                                Protons are predominantly particles

                                And therefore painful, but they can

                                Also be wavicles and thus visionary.

                                Electrons are predominantly wavicles

                                And therefore aware, but they can

                                Also be particles and thus pleasurable;

                                And precisely because each component of

                                The atomic divide influences the other -

                                Protons dragging particles from electrons,

                                Electrons dragging wavicles from protons.

                                Only in the subatomic and supra-atomic domains

                                Of proton soul and electron spirit can protons

                                And electrons be absolute, since independent

                                Of each other and existing in an elemental purism

                                Of either particle pain or wavicle bliss,

                                The respective essences of alpha and omega,

                                The Father and the Holy Ghost.