Left is appearance, Right is essence.

                                Left is vision or pain, Right is pleasure or awareness.

                                Left is beauty, Right is truth.

                                Right-wing communism is essential appearance.

                                Left-wing transcendentalism is apparent essence,

                                The former pleasure, the latter vision.

                                Left is superficial, Right is profound.

                                Right-wing transcendentalism will embrace

                                Essential essence, or awareness.

                                There will be a progression

                                From the apparent essence of 'the trip'

                                To the essential essence of hypermeditation,

                                As from Social Transcendentalism

                                To Super-transcendentalism, from Left to Right,

                                From the wavicle appearance of protons and/or neutrons

                                To the wavicle essence of electrons,

                                In a relativistic absolutism of wavicles.

                                There will be no absolute relativity of particles,

                                Neither pleasure nor pain.