Protons are self-assertive,

                                      Electrons self-transcending.

                                      Protons are autocratic, electrons theocratic.

                                      Protons are centrifugal, electrons centripetal.

                                      Protons are subnatural, electrons supernatural.

                                      Protons are the Kingdom, electrons the Centre.

                                      Protons are fundamentally particles,

                                      Electrons essentially wavicles.

                                      Protons precede electrons,

                                      Then protons and electrons coexist,

                                      With the help of neutrons,

                                      In an atomic compromise,

                                      After which electrons supersede protons.

                                      Electron particles are less materialistic

                                      Than proton particles.

                                      Electron wavicles are more spiritualistic

                                      Than proton wavicles.

                                      Proton materialism is natural

                                      But electron materialism is antinatural.

                                      Proton spirituality is subnatural

                                      But electron spirituality is supernatural.

                                      Proton spirituality is pseudo because apparent,

                                      Electron materialism is pseudo because synthetic.

                                      The genuine is at the beginning of materialism

                                      And at the end of spirituality,

                                      Alpha of the world and omega of the spirit.