The Extreme Right have no more in common

                                      With the Conservatives than

                                      The Extreme Left ... with the Liberals.

                                      Both fascism and communism are outside the pale

                                      Of a church/state compromise,

                                      The one tending to signify a church absolutism,

                                      The other ... a state absolutism,

                                      Albeit, in both cases, very different churches

                                      And states from those pertaining to liberal civilization.

                                      If fascism falls short of conceiving

                                      The religious successor to the Church ... in the Centre,

                                      It at least undermines the State

                                      And intimates, in its paradoxical way, of

                                      A higher possibility.

                                      Hitler's Reich wasn't so much a state (which

                                      in any case is implicated in republicanism) as a

                                      Crude and bogus Centre,

                                      One opposed to all republicanism

                                      And, by implication, democratic sovereignty.

                                      A 'Centre' without the truth, fascism

                                      An extreme right-wing antithesis to communism

                                      Which, in its Marxist purism, is without

                                      The Leninist 'State' or, more correctly,

                                      Pseudo-Kingdom of Bolshevism,

                                      As formerly applying to Soviet Communism.

                                      No less than Bolshevism was beyond Marxism ...

                                      Social Transcendentalism is beyond fascism,

                                      Being the ideology of the Second Coming,

                                      The logical successor to Christianity.

                                      And no less than Soviet Communism weakened

                                      The totalitarian State, or Bolshevik pseudo-Kingdom,

                                      Through the infusion of pseudo-democracy,

                                      So Social Transcendentalism would

                                      Strengthen the Centre, until, ultimately,

                                      Nothing but the Centre remained,

                                      Transcendentalism having eclipsed

                                      Even the 'social' side, or transmuted state-aspect,

                                      Of Social Transcendentalism.