What may appear a contradiction

                                      Is often the extension of a viewpoint

                                      From the main perspective to a subordinate

                                      And tangential one, or vice versa,

                                      So that, whilst a general trend

                                      Is discernible in the historical evolution

                                      Of the subject in question,

                                      Subordinate or peripheral trends

                                      Are also to be discerned, if one has

                                      The desire or ability to change one's viewpoint.

                                      There is a particle aspect to every electron,

                                      A wavicle aspect to every proton,

                                      And although these may be subordinate

                                      To the main aspects, or general perspective,

                                      Nevertheless they exist and should be

                                      Taken into account if a comprehensive picture,

                                      Necessarily paradoxical, is ultimately to emerge.

                                      One cannot presume that all artists follow

                                      A rigorously logical course.    

                                      There are always anarchic and arbitrary

                                      Employments of any given medium,

                                      Be it paint, light, stone, or whatever.

                                      But, as a rule, they won't preponderate!